Resort Publishing – Preferred Supplier – CTS Management Body Corporate Services

Resort Publishing – Preferred Supplier – CTS Management Body Corporate Services

Resort Publishing - Preffered Supplier Profile - CTS Management Body Corporate Services

Resort Publishing – Preferred Supplier Profile – CTS Management Body Corporate Services





Corporations need steady guidance to maximise their productivity and communicative synergy. Body corporate management is essential for bodies corporate that want to minimise conflict and ensure that all committee members (including the caretaker and body corporate manager) are completely on board with tasks.

 Industry preferred supplier CTS Management is a company that has managed to balance an expansive clientele with a series of talented staff members, enabling it to remain indelibly relevant within the body corporate management industry. Doing more than just looking after books and records, CTSM specialises in a multitude of essential corporate tasks, including “accurate and timely meeting notices and minutes to both the committee members (for approval prior to circulation) and unit owners; accurate financial reporting, which includes the distribution of building status reports each month to all committee members; systems that promote effective communication between all committee members including the caretaker; a focus on minimising expenses and maximising income for the body corporate; and support for all of the associated pieces of legislation”.

 How does this management business work?

CTSM runs under the leadership of Coralie Mott, a past vice president and educational director of the Community Titles Institute of Queensland (now SCA). She runs the business by example, using her past as an ex-science teacher to inform her work, she “is passionate about processes and procedures and encourages all bodies corporate under management to be fully compliant, not only with the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, 1997 and its associated regulations, but also the WH&S.” Ms Mott established CTSM in 2006 as the second body corporate management business she had started up from scratch, it was able to draw heavily on her wealth of experience. Ms Mott has surrounded herself with an “experienced team that consists of qualified professionals from within the accommodation industry, to incorporate a wide range of perspective and experience into the company. This talented staff includes a licensed real estate agent and an experienced facility manager.”

But that is not all; Ms Mott also has in her employ an “accounts team led by a qualified accountant with many years experience dealing with all financial aspects of body corporate management.”The CTSM accounts team has “been together for numerous years so its functionality is recognised as one of the best. It is led by Lee Hipkins, a past auditor of body corporate records. ”While those are the staff members who will likely deal with clients, there is a lot more than meets the eye in CTSM. They have a secretarial department, that “has established a fully functional system of templates, checklists and schedules that are used on a daily basis to ensure that accurate documents are distributed to committee members and owners in a timely manner.”There is also an administrative team that “works closely with Coralie Mott. Daily meetings and the use of checklists ensure that all meetings are held at the required times and the minutes of same are produced within five working days of each meeting.”This particular team also involves itself in “nomination and motion invitations that are issued with regimental efficiency as are the acknowledgements of these.” Under Ms Mott, the admin team has assurance that “all correspondences are responded to on the same day (even if just an acknowledgement of receipt), and phone calls are returned the same day as well.” This all aims to establish a business that makes its clients the priority. For the ‘specialist areas’, such as electricity and gas meter reading and billing, Ms Mott “prefers to use an outside contractor, namely ‘meters to cash’. “With a series of qualified teams of professionals working together, it’s easy to see why CTSM is a well oiled machine. But what about the individual staff members?

What are their stories and their qualifications?

Coralie Mott is the primary contact for all clients and associates.“Coralie has worked in the body corporate management industry in Coralie Mott- CTS Management Body Corporate ServicesQueensland since 1992, when she established her first business, Body Corp Management.” Constantly moving forward, “in 2004 she sold this business to Michael Teys and joined the CTIQ (now the SCA) as the acting CEO until she resigned eight months later as she was ready to set up another body corporate management business, CTSM.”

 Accountant, Lee Hipkins also has a long list of qualifications, he “used to work with Ham Brothers Accounting, where his accounting work included body corporate audits.” Applying this knowledge, “he joined CTSM three years ago as the second accountant however was promoted to head accountant in 2011.” CTSM can also boast an effective junior body corporate manager in Nikki Mott, as well as a loyal and hardworking levies and insurance manager in Dionne Harding and real estate agent/junior body corporate manager/administration assistant in Jarrod Stangle.                                                

 Ms Mott considers “performance reviews to be an invaluable exercise, for all parties concerned.”Whilst CTSM “would respectively suggest that the formulation of KPIs should be predominately determined by the body corporate,” Ms Mott says that they “would be more than happy than to work with the committee in setting these.” In order to “highlight both strengths and weaknesses these can be used to effectively ‘finely tune’ the type of service that the client is expecting.”

What our clients say

I have known Coralie Mott in a professional capacity for over 2.5 years while working with her company CTS Management as the Body Corporate Managers of Riverplace Apartments. During this time both Coralie and the staff of CTS Management have always displayed a professional attitude, good communication skills and attention to detail together with a strong work ethic. I am confident that CTS Management and Coralie Mott will prove to be an asset to any company and I am happy to recommend them to anybody seeking Body Corporate Services.

– Nigel & Karen McElroy, Riverplace Apartments

We have had the pleasure of working with Coralie Mott and the team at CTS Management for the past 2 years. We have found Coralie and her staff to be knowledgeable, polite and easy to deal with. They have always provided our Body Corporate with expert advice and assistance in relation to By-Law, insurance, administration and maintenance issues. I have found that CTS Management are able to provide the service required when dealing with such a large complex as ‘The Mews’. Coralie has been working closely with the committee and solicitors to achieve a ‘positive resolution’. I would highly recommend the services available from CTS Management to any Body Corporate looking for a good management with a high level of experience in the industry.

– Belinda Smith & Robert Cowin, Resident Managers

By Henry Clarke,

Industry Reporter – Resort News

This article was extracted from Resort News, March 2014′ – for more information visit their website CTS Management claims no production rights. This article has been posted with the permission of the author. – CTS Management Body Corporate Services.

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  1. I am completely agree with you that the major responsibility of body corporate management services is to minimize the conflict and ensure that all committee members are completely on board with tasks.All the strata managers have to understand the theirs rolls and responsibilities.

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