Financial Statements and Reports

  • Maintain ledger reports including monthly postings and bank reconciliation
  • Prepare monthly balance sheets
  • Prepare financial accounts for committee meetings
  • Prepare accrued annual financial statements when necessary
  • Assist the auditor where necessary, on behalf of the body corporate
  • Produce monthly “Building Status Reports” which includes roll changes, bank statements and reconciliation.


  • Prepare draft annual administrative and sinking fund budgets for the committee’s consideration
  • Assist the Committee with spending and cash flow controls

Levy Management

  • Issue levy and other contribution notices
  • Receipt and bank levies
  • Assist the Committee to develop a management plan for overdue levies
  • Issue notices of overdue levies, as instructed by the committee, after due date for payment

Creditor Invoice Payments

  • Process weekly payments of all creditor invoices as directed by the committee
  • Creditor invoice payments are coded by the Caretaker or Treasurer according to a Master Chart of Accounts so that there is consistency with expense coding