Six critical questions

Owners and Committee members, ask yourselves these questions…

  1. How do you rate the performance of your current body corporate manager?
  2. What would you have them do differently – What are you unhappy about?
  3. Do you believe that  your current body corporate manager has the ability, expertise and industry knowledge, and are they  competent and show real understanding of the needs of your Body Corporate?
  4. Is the level of service provided by your body corporate manager adequate, and do you receive competent advice when you seek this from your body corporate manager?
  5. Does your current Body Corporate Manager have the legislative knowledge to guide Owners and your Committee through the legislative hurdles involved with owning a property with a Body Corporate?
  6. Does your current Body Corporate Manager take the time to educate and train the Committee and Owners in your Body Corporate?

These are critical questions to ask when reviewing the performance of your body corporate manager.

It is essential to have a Body Corporate Manager with the Knowledge and track record, to deliver the service Owners deserve and need. There is no licensing or registration processes in Queensland for body corporate managers and therefore people and companies who are not suitably qualified or experienced are able to practice as Body Corporate Managers!

How do we change our Body Corporate Manager…..the Process

Once you have gone through the exercise of analyzing your current situation by asking  the six critical questions, it will be apparent to you if you need to look to appoint a new body corporate manager or not!

If your Body Corporate Manager is not providing the service you expect contact CTS Body Corporate management, we can assist you with the process to change your Body Corporate Manager.

It is not a difficult process for Owners to carry out, but does require the committee, to take certain steps. The Committee will not be able to request assistance from your existing Body Corporate Manager (obviously). CTS will provide advice and assistance to your committee in order to facilitate a smooth and easy process of changing your body corporate manager.

CTS Body Corporate Management can assist…please contact us

We invite you to contact us and on a confidential basis to discuss the possibility of appointing CTS Management Pty Ltd as your new Body Corporate Manager.

Your Committee can arrange a confidential meeting with CTS Management to discuss the needs and requirements of the Body Corporate and to initiate a proposal for management.

Once the decision has been made to proceed, CTS Management Body Corporate will provide assistance and advice on the process steps for the appointment of CTS as Body Corporate Manager. CTS will also be able to assist with the process of dealing with the existing Body Corporate Manager.

The process time frame is set out below:

Appointing a new Body Corporate Manager can only take place at a General meeting. A motion must be submitted by the Committee or an Owner to the annual general meeting of the body corporate proposing the appointment of a new manager. This vote will be determined by ordinary resolution.

The Budget Committee meeting would be the optimal time to instruct the existing manager with what the committee proposes in respect of future body corporate management. By this time it would be ideal if the Committee has completed its investigations and due diligence into the new Body Corporate Manager.

Contact us to discuss  your proposals and the motions required for the Annual General Meeting to make the change to CTS Management as smooth as possible.

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